The birth of Droppa

Why invent Droppa? We invented Droppa because we had encountered scheduling problems in our families. Roger had a conflict that, had all the family members used the same calendar, would have been a…

Source: The birth of Droppa


The birth of Droppa

Connecting your world

  1. Why invent Droppa?

We invented Droppa because we had encountered scheduling problems in our families. Roger had a conflict that, had all the family members used the same calendar, would have been averted. Ian Green, divorced with two children, was discussing different scenarios with Roger exposing the difficulties in “doing the right thing” for the children after separation. Both parents need to organise diaries for weekends on and off, additional days out, parents’ evenings at school, nativity plays, holidays, Christmas, Easter etc. It only takes one day wrong and all of a sudden a situation arises. All the current calendaring systems use email to interconnect with others. We felt that as the predominant way that people communicate was through texting. (When was the last time you emailed your family or friends if not at work???) We then endeavoured to build something that sat more in tune with modern life.

  1. How do you think it will help users?

Droppa is just like having the family calendar hanging on the wall at home only in your pocket and therefore with you at all times. Not only that but as Droppa works with your phone’s contacts you can “drop” events into your contacts’ Droppa or they can “drop” events into your Droppa at any time. Droppa also allows users to “Notify” other contacts of events just to inform them. For example: Sarah has received a “drop” inviting her to meet friends for coffee at the local coffee shop at 10:00am on Saturday (any Saturday) morning. Sarah now has three options. Firstly, she can “Decline” of course if she can’t make it, secondly Sarah can “Accept” the drop. This will send an “Accepted” alert to the creator of the “drop” saying that Sarah has accepted the invitation and will attend – it will also appear in Sarah’s schedule. Now Sarah might feel that her husband and/or children need to know that she is now busy at 10:00am on Saturday. The third option for Sarah now is “Accept & Notify”. Sarah can now accept the drop as above but she can also “Notify” her husband and children and the drop will appear in their schedules. Thereby Droppa keeps everyone informed as to what everyone is up to. Not in a prying way just in an organisational way.

  1. Can you send “drops” to more than one person?

Of course. You can send a “drop” to as many people as you like. Hence Droppa being perfect for organising family or social events or even clubs and other social groups.

  1. Can you set up groups?


  1. What information do “drops” contain?

“Drops” contain all the usual information on other calendars – time, location, photos (if selected), maps plus a navigation function (if you’re invited somewhere unfamiliar), reminder function, description, list of invitees and notifiees, plus a chat function.

  1. A chat function?

Yes each “drop” becomes its own little chatroom. The creator and the invited can chat about the event privately. Notified users can see the chat but can’t join it.

  1. Can children use it safely?

Yes Droppa is designed specifically for families and children of phone owning age. It’s safe because the only people who can send you “drops” are the ones in your contact list so in essence it’s a private or trusted network.

  1. Can you add annual events such as birthdays etc?

Yes. You can add annual events that recur.

  1. Why do you think its better that the currently available calendaring apps such as Apple’s or Google’s calendars?

Easy. Both Apple and Google require email addresses to interact with others. Droppa works via push notifications and not email and uses the phone’s contact book. We found that most people do not have all their family or friend’s email addresses in their phone. (They normally just text or Instant Message and therefore have never needed them).

Also those other calendars rely on users subscribing to the same calendar. Droppa is your own calendar but any of your contacts can “drop” into it at any time. They can’t see your calendar but they “drop” things into it (assuming you accept the “drops”). So rather than having say a family calendar with family events and then your own calendar containing the things you just want to know about, by using Droppa you can have just the one calendar that contains everything –  family, friends and your own events.

  1. Do you need an internet connection?

Yes you do to send and receive “drop” but it works offline also if you just want to check your schedule.

  1. Why not just use Outlook at work?

Droppa has two advantages over Outlook form a personal perspective. One: Outlook requires email addresses, Droppa works by push notification. Two: lots of people do not like entering personal information onto their work computers.

  1. Can Droppa synchronise with other calendars?

Not as yet. However we hope to introduce this functionality at a later date.

  1. What is Droppa’s target market?

Well bearing in mind that there are families and friends all over the world we believe Droppa has global potential.

  1. Is Droppa free to use?

For the first year yes. Droppa will charge a very small annual subscription after the first year’s usage approx. $1 / £1 per year.

  1. What platforms does Droppa run on?

Droppa is currently available on iOS but the Android version will be available summer 2016.


Starting out.

Well here I am just starting out on this blogging malarkey! What to write about? Who will read it? How rude should I be?

Let’s tell you all who I am first I suppose is a good start. Well I am a happily married man with three youngish (14, 12 & 8) daughters. We live in West Sussex. I work from home hence I have a little time to write a blog. My wife works in London for a very famous cartoon company. We will all have seen the characters she works with since childhood. There that’s a clue.

I propose to write about life as a man, a dad and just one of those guys. In short, in the words of good old Jurgen Klopp (Liverpool’s manager for those that don’t know), a normal guy. I like all kinds of sports with football and rugby being my favourites (well done England at the weekend!). As a family we spend lots of time together but I also love going out for a few beers with my mates. We chat about sport, TV, films, politics, current affairs, our wives, women in general. But you know what – we never speak about sex. Seeing as men are supposed to think about sex every 2 minutes or whatever it is we never never speak about it. Is that strange? I’m not so sure as I’m pretty sure my mates and I are just pretty normal guys. I guess it’s only important at home and that is where it stays I guess.

Now let me say straight away that I’m not one of those of those guys who is fey enough to want to be famous or gain 1000’s of followers. I hope this blog attracts both men and women in equal numbers. I aim to write about things just as I see them and I invite anyone to comment, put me right if I’m wrong, tackle my opinion/viewpoint or even just argue the toss if you so feel. I have to admit that I love a good argument – or should I say debate?? I think we should say the things we feel strongly about or even just have a conversation as you would round at friends’ on a social evening.

Well today my wife is away for work. She has gone to a trade show and that means that she will be away for the night staying in some swanky hotel. It won’t make too much of a difference really as I generally cook the evening meal and do all the running around as she doesn’t get back from work until about 7:00pm. But nevertheless she is away and the kids and I will miss her even though its only one night. But what shall we be doing this evening. Well after all the kids activities which mercifully on a Monday is many we shall have our evening meal (being a northerner we call it tea) and then shall settle down in front of the telly. But looking at the schedules there is absolutely bugger all on! Jeez TV is awfukl at the moment. Will have to look at the record planner to see if there is something to watch. Other than that I have a very important meeting tomorrow which I have already prepared for but might just give it all the once over to see if it looks ok. The one good thing about the wife being away is that I get a little time to myself. A rare luxury. Do we all think like that? We love our families etc but when you get a little me-time its just great eh? I have friends who plan their whole lives around their me-time which I think’s a bit weird but hey ho. Why do these people have kids?

Anyway I know that is was just a load of waffle today but let’s see how it develops.


Be good!